Firearm Transfers

We Make Transfers Easy

We get it, sometimes we don’t stock something and you want to order it online. No hard feelings. Penn Armory is poised on excellent customer service, which means it’s our goal is to get your gun in your hands with as little hassle as possible.

So whether it be ordering something online, buying something on GunBroker, or transferring a gun purchased from a local friend—we’ve got you covered.

How it Works

Buying Online

If buying through GunBroker or one of the many other organizations we partner with, you can select Penn Armory automatically upon checking out.

If your seller does not have Penn Armory’s details on file, you can point them to the FFL section of our website where a copy of our FFL is available for a one-click solution to all of their questions.

Send us a quick message (preferred) or call the shop to let us know you’ve got something headed our way and we’ll call you once it’s in to schedule an appointment for your transfer, typically within 24 hours of receiving the firearm. Please allow for up to 48 hours for us to contact you regarding your firearm pickup.

We contact customers in the order that their firearms are received. Every order we received is hand-checked, meaning there may be a short delay while we ensure that your order is correctly prepared and the required paperwork is completed.

If you are not contacted within 48 hours of your item being delivered, please reach out to us.

This typically means that your seller may not have included contact information with your item, or may have incorrect contact details and we are unable to reach you.

Private Transfer

If you are transferring a firearm between two private Pennsylvania residents, we are happy to schedule an appointment that fits your needs! Simply send us a quick message or call the shop to schedule a transfer.

Firearm Transfer Cost

We try to makes things simple—”$25 gets you your gun”.

Normal handgun, long gun, private party transfers are all identical in price. Additional firearms transferred to the same person at the same time are discounted. We also offer transfers of NFA and special-handling (eg: biohazard) firearms for an additional cost.

Below are our current cash transfer rates:

  • Internet transfers
    • Handgun: $25
      • $15 for each additional in the same transaction
    • Long gun: $25
      • $15 for each additional in the same transaction
  • Person-to-person transfer
    • First firearm: $25
      • Additional firearms on same 4473: $15
  • NFA/Class 3 transfer: $65 (Includes Suppressors, SBRs)
  • Biohazard/Special Handling transfer:
    • NOTE: These are very rare. If buying a firearm online, your purchase will likely not fall into this category. Please reach out if you are unsure.
    • Biohazard Handgun: $45/each
    • Biohazard Long gun: $45/each
  • Storage Fee: This ONLY applies if you have not picked up a firearm after the following:
    • 30 days after receiving a firearm for an internet transfer or NFA approval
      • $5 per day
    • 48 hours after PICS approval for a person-to-person transfer
      • $10 per day, $5 for new PICS check
    • 7 days following a PICS/NICS/NFA denial
      • $15 per day
        • After 14 days, this fee will increase to $25 per day

If you have any questions, please send us a message give us a call directly at (717) 333-6938 and we’d be happy to give you an exact quote for your circumstance.

Prices last updated 03/22/22.

If You Are Running More Than 15 Minutes Late

Please call us! Your transfer is a personal and personable process.

We never book overlapping appointments, meaning that your time with Penn Armory is reserved for you. If you have any firearm needs during this time—gunsmithing, laser engraving, etc…—we are happy to help during your allotted hour.

Because of this, we ask that you please call us if you are running late.

Failing to show to your appointment or arriving late impacts other customers. Arriving more than 30 minutes late to your appointment without notifying us during that time, or no-call, no-show will result in a $10 surcharge per occurrence, per firearm. If two or more consecutive appointments are missed with no prior contact, we may return your firearm to your seller and deny further transfer requests.

Life and traffic happen – so we are happy to accommodate you at no cost so as long as you notify us before this 30-minute period is up!

Background Check

Any firearm transfer occurring at Penn Armory will be subject to a background check, as per Pennsylvania law.

After filling out the required federal paperwork, Penn Armory will process your background check with the Pennsylvania State Police. This process is entirely electronic and generally takes between 5 and 15 minutes to wait for an approval from PSP, though it can take longer in certain circumstances beyond our control.

Once this step is completed successfully, a Record of Sale will be generated and you may leave with your brand new firearm!

Pennsylvania Instant Check System (PICS) Fee

In accordance with the Pennsylvania Uniform Firearms Act, the Firearms Division of the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) conducts background checks on applicable firearm purchases. Penn Armory will collect this fee on behalf of the state – you will be charged no more than $5 per firearm (this fee is not taxed since it is paid directly to the PSP).

PICS Denial

In the event of a PICS denial, we will provide you with a copy of a challenge form to dispute the deny: Download form here

We will hold all firearms at no charge for 14 days following a denial. After 14 days, our standard storage fees (listed above) will apply.

Questions? Contact Us!