FFL Info

This page is intended for use by another FFL interested in performing an acquisition or disposition with Penn Armory Limited.

Please see the below information regarding both scenarios and feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

Note: Please contact us if you arrange to have a firearm shipped to our location. This ensures that we can resolve any and all issues prior to setting up a transfer appointment. While we are a preferred FFL through GunBroker, PSA, CDNN, and many other popular online resellers, some vendors will not inform us to expect a shipment and can cause delays.

If you are a non-licensed individual shipping your firearm to Penn Armory without the use of an FFL, we require a copy of your state-issued drivers license and a note in the shipment containing the contact information of the person who is to take possession of the firearm (including phone number)

A copy of our FFL and 2021 SOT can be found here: Link

Remember to always verify our license with the ATF’s FFL EZCheck tool!


If you are purchasing a firearm and having it shipped to Penn Armory for transfer to you, we perform an “acquisition”.

You will need to provide the seller with the following information in order to have the item prepared for shipment to us. Please copy/paste the following information to provide with your purchase.


I will be sending any portions of my order which include regulated merchandise to my local FFL, Penn Armory Limited.

  • License Verification: 8-23-043-01-1M-11668
  • Phone: (717) 333-6938
  • Email: Info@PennArmory.com
  • Address:
    Penn Armory Limited
    c/o Acquisitions
    5221 Creekwood Dr
    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17109-5555

Thank you!


If you are selling a firearm and having it shipped elsewhere for transfer to its new owner, we perform a “disposition” on the regulated item.

Your buyer will need to supply you with the details for their local FFL for verification with Penn Armory Limited.

We have assembled an easy copy/paste message to send the buyer of your item:


I will be shipping any regulated goods via my local FFL, Penn Armory Limited. Please provide me with the following information about your FFL;

  • License Number
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Address

If you don’t know this, please have your FFL reach out to Penn Armory via email (Info@PennArmory.com) or phone (717-333-6938)

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